About MSWebHosting


As with most small web hosting businesses, MSWebHosting started with a need to host a few personal sites for friends and family. After a number of years of this, and seeing the struggles many non-technical people have with the internet, a simple, easy and reliable solution was born!

Whatever the needs of the customer, MSWebHosting can deliver a straightforward and inexpensive solution - whether it's just the hosting package, and you are happy running the server space with our powerful control panel, or if you need a fully managed solution, we can provide.

The skills we have include not just hosting of websites, but also web design to the latest industry standards, and programming of web applications and databases, so your entire online operation can be run by us. Often this is the best possible scenario for small to medium sized businesses, who can't afford to employ a full time IT expert, but need a professional website, and rely on it to generate business.

With MSWebHosting, you can be sure your site is visible at all times, you are receiving emails, and customers can find you on search engines. Couple that with our straightforward jargon-free attitude to our business, and our attention to individual customer needs, and you can see we're ideally positioned to help you get the most out of your internet presence.