Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


It's all very well having a nice website, and reliable web hosting, and many companies see their internet presence as a backup to their offline marketing. That's fine, it really is, but we offer the option of using it as the front line to a business by using search engine optimisation techniques so your potential customers can find you.

We help you to climb the rankings for specific search phrases so you are appearing for relevant searches by your potential new customers - "targeted marketing" if you want some of that filthy industry jargon, but we just call it "being seen".

Contact us to find out how you can push your new or existing site up to the top of search engines over just a few months. Some of the process we can provide at a cost, and some we advise you to carry out yourself, saving you money, and also helping you to understand the mystery behind how it all works, and why it's important.